The Plant


The newest additional to the plant, the upholstery department, to compliment our upholstered products.

Machining Area

Uses conventional and computerized machines that aid in the efficiency of the manufacturing process. We have the edge to create pieces with utmost standard of quality and consistency.

Veneering Area

We specialize in inlay and marquetry work using imported and exotic veneers. By combining technical expertise and workmanship, our unique products become pieces of art.

Assembly Area

This is where products come to life. From different parts, they are transformed into individual pieces of furniture.

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Sanding Area

Products are prepared before they are polished. They are sanded smooth and cleaned before the last step.

Polishing Area

We are experienced in doing a wide range of finishing techniques as well as customize finishes.

Packing Area

We ensure the safety of the products with proper handling using quality materials and techniques.